Week 1- Perspective Study and Self-evaluation

Our task for Week 1 was to do a perspective study of somewhere in the university, and then self-evaluate it. Being lazy I chose the work space next to our teaching area.


cap perspective I am also pleased with my approach to this piece. I began my work with pencil, drawing basic rectangles, circles, and triangles to ensure my perspective was correct before adding too much detail. Once these basic details were in places I went over it with a fine pen adding slightly more detail, And after a final check I continued with pen to strengthen the lines and add the finishing touches to the scene. Whilst such a method lengthened the time taken, I feel it works best for myself, as I sometimes don’t notice mistakes until further on in the piece, at which point they are harder to correct. By slowly blocking in the general layout I can spot and correct most of these mistakes before I make a permanent mark.

However, even with this method I believe I have squashed the scene a little bit. I will admit that the desks (especially the nearest) have been shortened slightly and should be much longer in certain areas. The cluttered and busy nature of the area, with so many levels and lines and objects, made it hard for me to properly concentrate on the shape of the desks in the given time. This is an issue I should work on correcting as I have encountered in the past whilst drawing busy spaces. I am however pleased with the perspective shown on the left hand edge of the desks, given their curved nature.

Another point I am pleased with is the representation of detail. Given the time I kept it to a minimum and focused primarily on the foreground, decreasing the amount of detail the further back I went. It is not present much in this piece as I began to run out of time and would have liked to fill in the desks more, but you can see it in the nearest pc and the left wall.

I would say that the hardest part of this task for me was the time limit. It meant that, with my lengthy process, I was unable to include as much detail as I wanted and rushed myself in certain areas (such as the desks). This is obvious in the roof of the room which, given more time, I would seek to improve first. As you can see I only included the piping and lighting, missing out the more detailed panels and tiles to save time.

As a whole I think I approached and completed the task well. My method was time consuming but it ensured a solid representation of perspective and skill with minimal lose of detail. Given more time I would have included the finer details of the desks and roofing, as well as shaded the darker points in a neater fashion, but I believe that given the task that was laid out before me I preformed well.

[I intend to upload a photo of the area this was drawn from on Monday when I have access to it.]


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