Deciding on a Brief

Having read over the given briefs I have narrowed my choices down to four.

Interactive Narrative; GUI for Games; Digital Illustration; or Concept Design 2, Characters for Games.

All but the GUI brief play to my preferences of character design/illustration and storytelling. I am interested in GUI design and it is a useful skill to have in the industry. However I have little skill or experience in the area and thus feel I would struggle with this brief. Considering I should be viewing this as an opportunity to create a portfolio piece I think I will set this aside. Perhaps I will pick it up in my spare time later on as a side project.

Thinking along this line of thought, I believe that the Concept Design 2 brief (designing Character for games) is my best bet for producing a strong portfolio piece. Furthermore, character design is one area I am particularly keen to enter in the industry, and I feel the skills I can gain from it are transferable to a large variety of other areas (illustration being the obvious one, but also interactive narrative in a sense). The art inspirations for this brief are also a style I would be interesting in developing for myself.

This I have chosen to work with the brief Concept Design 2, Character Design for Games (one which I imagine will be quite popular).


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