Week 3- Live Drawing Self Evaluation

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people 2

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I was once again a bit hesitant of this exercise. I’ve never been particularly quick with sketching and often get caught up in details or shapes that prove to be of little importance in the grand scheme of the image. Hence, when drawing live models I tend to fall behind and lose them before the sketch is completed. But despite this I endeavored to meet the task head on.

It took me a while to loosen up and really get going with my sketches, as you can see many of the initial attempts are blocky, overly scratchy, or out of scale. However once I began to loosen up I believe my attempts improved greatly. I also tried to use this blocky style to my advantage and develop it into something I could further use, but it still needs some work I think.

This task has shown me there is a lot of space for improvement in my quick sketching, which indeed translates to my other work. Firstly, I need to work on where I look. Too often I found that I would look at either the subject or the page for too long and waste time in silly details. This meant that I lost time drawing the rest of the subject and would have to rush it.

Secondly, and this kind of goes against the first point of improvement, I need to work on studying and conveying facial expressions. I tend to struggle with some of the shapes faces can pull, especially the mouth, and as such lose a lot of the personality from the figure, making them rather bland.

The final area I can improve upon as well is my 3/4 shots. I’m no very comfortable with this angle and am somewhat put off by it. As such I find myself focusing on the people who gave me portrait of front-on subjects. I think the way I can best improve both this and my issue with expressions is through careful study, rather than more quick live drawings. That way I can take my time and break down the structure and lines of what I’m trying to replicate rather than feeling rushed through it and getting annoyed.

There are areas of this work which I am pleased with too, despite all this negativity. This task allowed me too loosen up and experiment in ways I’m not used to and I liked some of the styles that came out of it. Styles that relied less on the subject and more their personality, or at least the one they emanated (the messy lined baby and the hard edged security guard for example).

I really enjoyed this exercise and look forward to continuing it in my spare time. I especially look forward to discovering and developing the styles it gives birth too.


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