Silhouette Analysis (3/3)

Having analysed both the over all designs and skeletons of each character I felt there was still something simple I could break the designs down to, some core fundamental they each shared. Thus, I set about looking at what shapes made them up and how these effected their design. The answer: triangles.


triangle study m

The male characters all share a similar design base of one large triangle shaping the shoulders to the groin, and several smaller ones forming the hips and ends of limbs. Dota, Darksiders, and Ashley Wood all favour long triangles which help to give their characters a powerful barrel-chest. Bob Rafei on the other hand favours shorter triangles in keeping with his more cartoony style. This acts to create characters who still have strong wide shoulders but narrower hips, suggesting agility/sprightliness.


triangle study f

In the female characters the triangles of the chest and hips are much more even in size, producing an hourglass figure and emphasising the shape of the waist/hips. Whilst triangles are again present in the calves and forearms they are often longer and thinner than in the males. Bob Rafei is often excluded from this but this is mostly down to baggy boots and gloves.

So it would seem that a good starting point for constructing my silhouettes will be to form a skeleton out of these 6 base triangles and build around them, keeping in mind the main differences between the male and female proportions. Whilst I don’t want to over-sexualise either of my characters there are some proportions that are just basic biology, such as females having larger hips than males, and males having more encouragement for muscle growth.


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