Style Experimentation: Bob Rafei as Ashley Wood

My second style mash up was combining Bob Rafei’s characters with Ashley Wood’s style. In this experimentation I was more interested in replicating Wood’s use of colour, although I did attempt to replicate his brush work also.
jak-woodI struggled more with this than I did with my previous style mash-up. I’m not sure if I was approaching it with the right techniques but I found it hard to replicate Wood’d oil-on-canvas brushwork digitally. I’m also not sure if I got the colour scheme right either. The blue certainly pops like I wanted it too but the painting is also very muddy/messy.

Thus I plan to have a second attempt at this image after researching some better techniques on how to achieve Wood’s brush technique digitally. I feel the colour might work better if I work in greyscale initially and then colour over it.



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