The Characters

I’ve taken a step back from the research and analysis to think about the characters I will be designing. Its all well and good to have the style sorted but I need to get the ideas flowing on how they will look and interact. In terms of narrative/genre inspiration for the characters the brief is almost entirely open, simply stating:

Set on a sprawling planet far from our own solar system, the game will be free from our ‘natural’ conventions. You are free to design fantastical elements and styles uninhibited by earthly restrictions.

With this in mind, I felt it best to set my own general restrictions so that I don’t soon find myself buried in endless epic possibilities:

  • The overall theme of the characters will be Fantasy based rather than Sci-Fi or Modern Day, this does not rule out primitive tech however.
  • The characters will not necessarily be human, but will be humanoid.
  • There should be a large contrast between the Protagonist and Antagonist in some way or form.

With this in mind I started mind-mapping ideas, focusing on what each character should represent rather than how they should specifically look.

protag antag mind map

The main ideas I like at the moment are:

  • The Antagonist representing an obstacle for the Protagonist
  • The Protagonist being relatable for players, thus probably being close to human (elf or dwarf for example).
  • The contrasts of fire and ice and big and small between the Protagonist and Antagonist.

I think what I am going to aim for is a Protagonist who is “small” (well, human sized), human-esque, and somehow fire related. The Antagonist on the other hand will be a monstrous brute with some relation to ice.

The next step in this area will be to collect images of existing fire/ice duos, as well as just fire and ice characters in general. I think I’ll also look at human civilisations that have adapted to relatable environments (Inuits and African tribes for example) and any fictional works based off of them.


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