Protagonist vs Antagonist: Refining Their Traits

After leaving time for my initial ideas to stew and form I’ve fleshed out the initial principles which I want to embody in my characters. I think I am now at a solid point with these ideas to begin the last stage of image collecting and then start the silhouetting.


  • Relatable
    • Not just in that the player can relate to them but that they also aspire to.
    • Many Protagonists are exaggerated in their goodness, they are unto gods. I don’t want to go that far, but they should be raised above the average human (think Captain America).
    • Perhaps look at those aspects of self that many people seek to attain or wish they had
      • Height
      • Fitness
      • Looks
      • Elegance
      • Strength
    • Will have to avoid making them too perfect, then players will see them as in a state of unattainable godhood.
  • Fire
    • Would be interesting if it were not literally fire
    • Maybe relate them to an arid/desert environment
      • African plains
      • Volcanoes
      • Desert
      • Hot industrial world of metal and furnaces (arcane)
    • Can still tie in the literal fire element to creatures of that environment
      • Drakes, dragons, fire elementals, etc.
    • Could wield fire as a weapon
      • Sword
      • Flamethrower
      • Magic
  • Smaller of the Two
    • Doesn’t mean they can’t be tall
    • They must appear weak compared to the antagonist but still strong to the player.


  • An obstacle
    • Should be literally an obstacle
      • They are preventing the Protagonist from reaching their goal
      • Like a metaphorical mountain
      • Monstrous figure
      • A strong sense of weight/immovability
    • Should also represent something wrong to the player. Something they are opposed to and want to get rid of.
      • Inhuman and Immoral
      • Uncaring towards others
      • Arrogant and self-centred
    • Similar to the Protagonist I will have to avoid going too far with this, yes I can exaggerate, but not to a comical point that begins to take the malevolence away from the character.
  • Ice
    • Again making them the opposite of the Protagonist they could be more literal in their references to ice
      • Perhaps they have come to this fiery land to spread an ice age
        • Ice magic
        • Ice creature (nah)
        • Cold generating machinery (arcane)
      • They could also be more subtle, coming from an environment further north of the Protagonist.
      • Definitely want to incorporate strong blue and red colours if using Ashely Wood’s palette technique.
  • Biggest of the Two
    • Going back to the idea of being an obstacle their size should reflect this
      • They are the immovable object, the Protagonist is the unstoppable force.
    • Towers over the Protagonist
    • Massive shoulders

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