Style Experimentation: Ashley Wood as Dota 2 (sort of)

So my final attempt at style analysis was to take Ashley Wood’s work and recreate it in the style of Dota 2. I decided to steer away from his work on Spawn as I am becoming too familiar with that and instead looked at another piece of his which caught my eye. It turns out this is actually for the Metal Gear franchise, but given that I am not familiar with the franchise I felt it safe to use for my analysis. The character is a bit too sci-fi for traditional Dota too, but I felt this would allow me to greater appreciate the style and techniques.

Wood as Dota

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this piece. I did not enjoy creating it which resulted in me rushing myself so it’s not perfect. As you can see, I took some liberties in the final design due to the roughness of the original piece and how it missed out details. I also tried to add a bit more colour to make it more Dota-esque, while keeping with the original palette.

One thing that I learned to appreciate about the Dota art style is that, while all their characters are muscular, only those that are characterised by brute strength make use of wide and intimidating silhouettes. Those that rely more on speed or intellect have slimmer silhouettes and also have longer proportioned legs, which helps to connote their agile nature. I tried to make use of this in my creation above, however I feel the legs may be too buff and look out of place.

In the end, I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind when creating this piece of work to fully appreciate the style and techniques implemented into Dota’s characters. However, it came to my attention that Valve have released a PDF Visual Style Guide detailing much of what goes into their design process. I plan to read this tomorrow when I am refreshed and I hope that, combined with what vague ideas I had during this tasked, I will have a better understanding of Dota’s art style.


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