Style Experimentation: Bob Rafei as Ashley Wood (Attempt 2)

So I was not at all pleased with my previous attempt at combining Bob Rafei and Ashley Wood’s art style together, it was just awful and so much went wrong. So I took a break, went and looked at various tutorials on creating traditional-looking photoshop paintings and got some new brushes, and I sat down and tried again.


Rafei-Wood 2

So I approached this style differently from the last time and from what I had orginally planned. Rather than start in greyscale and add the colours after I picked the general colours used in Jak to block in all the individual areas (the background was just general colours based off of Wood’s works). Then I decided what my spot colour would be (red) and desaturated the other colours a bit to pull the vibrancy of them. At the same time, I upped the vibrancy of the red to maximum.

When it came to shading I took my new (amazing) brushes designed to imitate oil painting and picked shades sticking mostly to the left hand side of the colour picker (although avoiding going fully grey) for the less saturated colours. I also pushed some of the browns from the background into certain areas to add a little bit more warmth to the character (especially the gun) whilst keeping the vibrancy low). For my spot colour I  hugged the right hand side to really make the areas stand out and attract the viewers eye.

While the final piece is not an exact mirror of Ashley Wood’s brush techniques, I am still very pleased with it and believe it will play a part in my final style. Furthermore, his use of colour is a definite must for me as it creates a very unique and eye  catching style. I will not however, be using his character silhouette/design as inspiration as I need to take more fro Bob Rafei and Dota 2.


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