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Following on from my earlier brainstorming, ice is to be the theme for my Antagonist. However in similar fashion to my Protagonist I am thinking more of the concept of ice (the cold, the arctic, tundras, etc.). It would be easy to create an ice monster and be done with it but also a bit dull. Most of my research focused on Inuit/Eskimo culture, but again I broadened mys search into fantasy. There wasn’t as much to go on for ice themes however so I found myself looking a lot more into the environment too and how that might effect a character.
Antag Moodboard 1

I am particularly interested in adding polar bears to the design in some fashion to make my Antagonist large and brutish, but I also want to stay away from Ice Monsters, Yeti’s, and Frost Giants. Furthermore, as I mused on the idea of arcane technology being incorporated I began to think down the lines of a Mr Freeze type character who uses tech to spread winter (thus making him the perfect villain for a hot environment). In particular the idea of frost-gauntlets took my fancy, but I intend to remain open in this design aspect (preferably I would avoid guns though).
Antag Moodboard 2


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