Creating My Style

Having researched and analysed each of the main sources of inspiration, as well as some of their off-shoots, I think I am at good point to start making decisions on how my inspiration will take shape and form its own style.

Bob Rafei

From Bob Rafei’s work I especially like his silhouetting and the exaggeration he puts into the shape of his characters (seen most obviously in the shoulder to waist ratio). However I am not overly fond of how his characters look when finally rendered, particularly the heavy line work present on them. Thus I have decided that Bob Rafei’s work will mostly influence the silhouettes and shapes of my characters, but not much else.

Dota 2

Dota 2 has a very nice style overall, but given that I must combine it with the other inspirations I must narrow down its influence (also plagiarism is a big no no). Given that silhouetting will be heavily influenced by Rafei’s work I have decided to let Dota be the main influence for my application of colour. I will pay particular attention to the techniques mentioned in my previous post (Understanding Dota 2) and how they direct the players attention.

Ashley Wood

Being the wild card of the inspirations I spent a long time thinking about what I would take from Ashley Wood’s work, as there were so many possibilities but I didn’t want it to overshadow the other inspirations. In the end I decided that Wood’s work will be used alongside Dota to influence the colour schemes. In particular, his exaggerated use of contrasting vibrancy with desaturation/monotones to really catch the eye and make the character more dynamic.

While this is my main plan for generating a new style, I will be allowing for the inspirations to flow and overlap so that the designs can evolve and adapt and become their own style rather than imitations. I will have to be careful with this however as too much overlap could result in an ugly, mutated mess of stitched together designs.


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