Protagonist Moodboards

So as I mentioned previously I want to theme my Protagonist around fire. I decided however that I want them to be more about the concept of fire rather than the literal element. With that in mind I began compiling images related to the ideas of fire and heat, both from fantasy/sci-fi and from the real world. I was really interested in taking inspiration from the tribes found in central Africa and maybe combining them with something they are not usually compared to, such as blacksmithing or dragons.Protag Moodboard 1 In the end I refined my idea down to the idea of tribes loosely based off of the Maasai or perhaps Dothraki (Game of Thrones) who roam an arid desert landscape inhabited by drakes, dragons and salamanders. The thought also occurred (after thinking about my Antagonist) to wield fire/heat as some sort of weapon, like a blade that glows hot, or a brazier mace for instance. This came about because I am still thinking about the idea of arcane technology being used in the world.Protag Moodboard 2


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