Self Evaluation Strategy

So I might have completely forgotten that I had to post this. My self evaluation have been a bit all over the place in the past and so I’ve written this as a template to follow in the future. I’m not sure if that’s how it was to be presented but I cant think of any other way of doing it that isn’t overly complicated.

1. What wast the task and goal?

  • A brief description of the task at hand
  • Any limitations in place such as time
    • Only those placed upon me
    • Not including a lack of any resource on my part

2. How did I plan to accomplish the goal?

  • Briefly describe how I planned to finish the task
    • How I began my approach
    • Where I planned it to take me

3. Did the approach achieve the desired effects?

  • What parts of the plan did work?
    • How well did they work?
  • What parts of the plan did not work?
    • Why did they not work

4. How can I improve?

  • What other approaches can be taken?
    • What can be done instead of the practices that did not work?

5. How do I feel about the task now it is completed?

  • Not the end result but the task itself.
  • Do I feel I have learned anything?
    • If so what?

[[This template should be accompanied by images of the work as well as images which have been drawn over and annotated to highlight areas which worked or did not.]]

Basically, I see self evaluation as a series of questions which can be grouped into several main questions to be answered. Each of these should have an amount written on it depending on its importance. For instance questions 1 and 2 can be brief paragraphs, whereas questions 3 and 4 should make up the main body of the evaluation.

This should help me to understand my work better and also make further self evaluations more uniform to read.


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