Final Style Mash-Up: My Style

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So with my idea of how the final style would look firmly in place I set about one final media test to see how it would look. To save time I chose to redraw Dark Jak as my subject (although I did this only using references so as to better understand the shapes). I began my work in grey scale, using the techniques implemented by Dota 2 to create a gradient value up the character and use greater contrast near the upper areas to draw the 1 Next I quickly shaded the character in (still working in greyscale) to see the full range of tone that would be needed and adjust areas as needed to prevent any areas of unwanted contrast, or areas where the character blended into the background. This then allowed me to create my full range of colours, which was based primarily around the 3 most prominent colours on the character. The vibrancy/saturation of these colours was heavily influenced by Ashley Wood, with all but one spot colour (red) being washed out a 2 With my colour and tonal references ready I began work on the final render, using the brushes I had used in my previous Ashley Wood test to attempt to recreate his traditional brush work. Its not exact but its enough to make the final piece more dynamic and unique, and I think it works quite well with Rafei’s strong shapes and silhouette. I also made sure to desaturated the image every now and then to check the tones and fix any mistakes.

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I am very pleased with this final result. The strong shapes, spot colour, and shadows work well to create a dynamic and eye-catching character. At the same time the desaturated tones make sure the image isn’t an eyesore or too distracting.


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