Live Drawing 2

I took advantage of recent presentations in Creative Research to get some more Live Drawing done. Drawing those people presenting was a good experience as they were animated enough to have interesting poses but not so much that they were too quick to draw. It was also nice to have time limits on each person, as presentations were variation of the Pecha Kucha format and limited to 10x 20 second slides.

My plan for this task was simple: DRAW DRAW DRAW. I wanted to get at least one sketch of each presenter, although I would also wait for interesting poses to arise and so sometimes missed people. Sitting at the back of the room gave me a good view and meant I could more easily view the whole person, but many stood behind a desk and so all I could see was the head and shoulders. When this happened I would focus on an audience member.

live drawing 2

I started in pencil whilst I loosened up but then switched to pen as a more permanent mark left me motivated to make less mistakes and consider my strokes. I feel this worked out well and you can see more confidence and clarity in my sketches below. With the messiness of my pencil work however I did make some quite nice angular/abstract figures which I may look into in the future.

live drawing 1

My focus on realism is something I need to work on. This task highlighted that I often get too caught up in details and thus lose the pose and figure as they move around. Towards the end of the presentations I began to force myself away from this nitpicking and focused more on the general shapes and structures present in the subjects. Whilst more cartoony I feel it captures more of each persons personality/character, especially in areas which have been exaggerated (not always intentionally, but always with effect).

When people eventually strayed from the obstructing desk I was able to get full body poses and this is something I would like to practice more as I sometimes struggle with weight/anatomy. In future I plan to make this a point of focus alongside wandering away from detail and realism, as these practices resulted in the best works in my eyes.

I plan to make this a regular task for the remaining presentations throughout the year.


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