Antagonist Silhouettes

So I fed my favourite initial silhouettes into Photoshop and neatened them up (this is just for the antagonist). I also blocked them in using the Value techniques implemented in Dota 2 to give them slightly more detail and give a better idea of what they might look like. It was important to maintain an upwards gradient to draw the eye to the top of the character, but also break it up with varying levels of contrast to create visual interest.Antag with notesSticking to the Arctic theme a lot the clothing inspiration came from Inuit tribes, especially with the fur lining, but I also experimented with more western winter clothes such as scarves. I also made sure to vary on my implementation of the arcane theme. In some examples like 5 and 7 you can see this theme is taken more along the technology side with steampunk-esque weaponry and gauntlets. However in others like 6 and 8 this theme is much more grounded in the magic side, with runed weaponry and ice weapons respectively.

Currently I think I prefer the theme to be more magic oriented, however I intend to attempt both styles in my Protagonist silhouettes before I make my decision.


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