Protagonist Silhouettes

In the same way I did with my Antagonists, I picked my favourite Protagonist silhouettes and blocked in the values on them to add more detail. One of the harder parts of this was maintaining the overall gradient, whilst keeping the skin tone dark. I worked around this by making the gradient more apparent in the clothing and adding headwear to the character. The resulting contrast also helps to draw the eye to the top half of the character.

Whereas my Antagonist was human I wanted my Protagonist to be an Elf. Following the ideas mentioned before about the player wanting to be the character and escape reality through them, an Elf helps to create this relationship as they are both a fantasy creature and also often thought of as being a level above humans.Protag with notesI varied the clothing style between the heavier, more robust garments worn by desert tribes and the lighter clothing worn by plains and grassland tribes. I think the lighter clothing works better for the Protagonist mostly because it is not very heroic for them to hide their face and be mysterious. Also it makes it easier to recognise the character as female and works well with the elegance of the Elven form.

I struggled to implement the idea of arcane tech into these designs more than I did with the Antagonist. I think this is mostly down to my existing feelings towards the idea, but it just didnt seem to fit as well with an agile elf silhouette as it did with the brutish Antagonist. I maintained the overall arcane theme with runes and drake/dragon hides and skulls however.


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