Deciding on Silhouettes

After leaving it a few days to think over, and also getting feedback from peers, I managed to narrow down my silhouettes to the 2 favourites for each character. I then scrutinised each in more detail, reviewing what worked and what didn’t.Deciding

I was quite tricky to decide on a Protagonist because they are both so similar but in the end I chose number 2. This was because number 1 had technology in her spear and neither of the favored Antagonists have any tech. Also her high collar could prove obstructing in further development and is quite villainous. Number 2 however has the strong shoulders of a Protagonist but is still feminine enough to show her character (think Lara Croft, strong but still feminine).

For the Antagonist I chose number 1. His ice weapon makes his silhouette very identifiable and when rendered fully should work very well with the spot colour technique taken from Ashley Wood. He also fits the large brawler archetype I had been imagining. I decided the harpoon used by number 2 was too close to the spear used by the Protagonist to be viable. Also, with his moustache and cape he has the look of an old-timey explorer which in my opinion draws him more towards a Protagonist role.

With my silhouettes decided on my next step was to decide how they would be sizes against each other. Given their archetypes of Spearman* vs Brawler it is important that the Antagonist looms over the Protagonist. At the same time however I don’t want the size different to be so exaggerated it looks silly.


I think the best scale seems to be somewhere between 110% and 125%, so that the top of the Protagonists head is level with the Antagonists chin. Such a difference shows the Antagonists power well enough, but doesn’t belittle the Protagonist.

*well… Spearwoman… I think… or Spearelf…


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