Looking at Promotional Art

In preparation for the Promotion Art which will show the two characters in combat, I have been looking at existing promotional art for games and movies to get a sense of the techniques they employ. Of course, there are whole courses based on this subject, but lacking the time required for such detailed study I hoped to find the basics of the most prominent techniques used.
Promo art moodboard

The layout of the Protagonist and Antagonist is very important to the image, and whichever is most is seen first often sets the mood. Generally, the Protagonist is positioned to the left and/or infront of the Antagonist to make them more obvious to viewers. Making the Antagonist bigger or above the Protagonist can show their strength and power, and the struggle for the Protagonist to beat them.

Promo art breakdown 1

Going further, the favoured structures of the artwork seem to be those show below. How strict the image follows these guidelines varies, but they often help to guide the eye to important parts of the image.Promo art breakdown 2Other important points I have gathered so far in terms of Promo Art featuring combat are:

  • The characters should fill as much of the image as possible, but without being too obscured/obscuring
  • Poses should be fast and full of action
  • Camera angles can be played with and twisted to match the drama of the scene
  • The protagonist should be the main focus, but not so much that they completely overshadow the antagonist.

With my silhouettes decided on I should be able to begin work on some thumbnails, so watch this space.


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