Antagonist Linework

With the silhouettes picked the next step is to add the details. I like to start with a couple of head shots first before moving onto the body as a whole. I find this a really good method for reinforcing the personality and narrative within the character, and it helps me to imagine how the rest of them might look.
antag heads

Covering the majority of the Antagonists face with a hood and scarf help to add bulk and intimidation to his character, very important traits for an Antagonist in my opinion. The fur around his head can also be shaped like a maw .  I also really liked the idea of facial disfigurement, especially a scar. Combined with the missing arm and skull on his belt there is the chance to tell a story with him. Perhaps he hunted some legendary beast of his homeland, its death cementing his roll as a leader.

Speaking of the skull, my initial idea was just to have a bare basic Polar Bear skull, but with the Protagonist’s Drake trophies it seemed a little plain and boring. Thus I did a few quick sketches to explore the possibilities for adding fantasy to it and transforming it into the skull of some might tundra beast. Extra eyes, no eyes, horns, spines, etc were all looked at but I think the most effective mutation is the one which combine the Polar Bear skull with a Hippo skull to give it a fearsome set of teeth.

antag skull and head-2

With these character building sketches out of the way I felt I was ready to crack on with the full character. Just sketching over some copies of the silhouette I explored a range of possible details and interpretations.

antag 2 w textI really like the ideas that rough the character up a bit, like 3 and 5. Taking away the cleanliness of his clothes adds visual interest with the small details and breaks up the large flat spaces of the body. The minimal armour on 4 and 5 also help to build his character and reinforce his up-close-and-personal Brawler style I have been building on. Whichever I pick I want to play around with the size of the skull a bit and make it bigger, doesn’t really look like a beast to be feared that size.

I’m putting it to my peers for feedback but at the moment I think 5 is the best candidate for my final design.


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