Changing the Antagonist a Bit

As I said before I wanted to experiment with the size of the trophy skull the Antagonist wears, trying to balance size against practicality for an impressive trophy.skull comparisonsMy peers and I believe that 135% is large enough to look impressive but does not make the character look silly. However many of them also asked a question I had never thought of: does it have to be on the front?

In review it does seem rather strange to put it there. I had decided that was the best place because otherwise he seemed a bit plain on the front, however I decided to experiment with positions anyway. I revised my design down to 3 skull locations: front, side, and back.

skull locations

On review I think the back might in fact be the best position, primarily because it allows me to make it bigger still. I can also position it on the 3/4 line to increase its visibility. Before this decision is made final though I will talk to my ‘client’ (Ryan) to see what opinions they have.


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