Colour Scheme Tests

Colour schemes are hard….

For my Antagonist I tried a mix of cold blue colours and the brown leathers commonly worn by Inuits. It was quite tricky to get a good mix but I think that a larger focus on the blues works better, especially with the lighter tones. Schemes like 2 and 4 are just to dull and boring and the character loses a lot of personality. Number 6 is a good example of colour combination however. Despite being essentially a half and half split between blue on the top and brown on the bottom, the use of brown in the straps and patches helps to break it up a bit. The turquoise in the metal is also a nice spot colour and adds a bit more interest to the character.

antag cs better w notesThe darker blue needs lightened a bit but i think that number 6 will be my final colour scheme.

With the protagonist I had issues juggling the tones of the colours. On one hand the masai and other tribes I am drawing influence from wear strong/bold colours. On the other hand, in homage to Ashley Wood I wanted the majority of colours to be toned out except for one spot colour. I think I got a good balance however.

Protag CS better w notes

For the final colour scheme I think I am going to use number 1 as a base, but take the turquoise scales and pale shield from 6.


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