Monthly Archives: November 2014

Initial Silhouettes

My initial silhouettes for my Protagonist and Antagonist (differentiated by “P” and “A”). After some initial attempts I decided I was being too small/neat so i made a mess with┬ávery watered down ink and tried to find shapes in it. Quite an effective technique.cap sils-1cap sils-2

The only limitations I placed on myself in this task were those I have mentioned before: emulate Bob Rafei’s use of shapes/silhouette style, and use themes of Inuit (and similiar) and Masai tribes.cap sils-3cap sils-4

Also previously mentioned, I wanted my Antagonist to be large and brutish and my Protagonist to be athletic and agile (and possibly female).
cap sils-5cap sils-6

It was quite hard to show much differentiation in the Masai themed silhouettes due to much of their defining characteristics being in finer details (like jewelry) but I think I have enough to take to the next step.

The next step will be to neaten my favourite silhouettes in Photoshop and add more detail/variation to them.