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Promo Art Finished!

Promotional Art

So I think that’s me finished this piece! I’ve put it to my peers for review and we’ll see what they say but I can’t see much issue. I’m really happy with  how this has turned out. The conflict between the two characters is clearly evident and , in my opinion, it is easy to see that Motoya is the protagonist. Having her between Dags and the viewer makes it look like she is defending them and shows she is on our side. Dags’ looming figure strikes and intimidating pose too.

Having the spear head and ice fist so close makes the image a bit heavy on that side but I don’t think it pulls too much attention away from the characters.

I added a faint dust cloud to add atmosphere and help show the dryness of the environment without making it too busy, also placing it between them helps to separate Motoya’s head from Dags’ fist.

Hopefully this will be my last blog post, unless someone points out a catastrophic error I somehow cannot notice.


Promotional Art Progression

In the end I decided to develop thumbnail number 1 into my Promotional Art piece. I felt it was the most dynamic of all the ideas and showed each character the best, and many peers agreed.

From the thumbnail I created some reference images using myself to help understand the poses better.

This helped out a lot when it came to sketching and working out perspectives. From this I created the basic body shapes of the characters and warped them into the correct angles and perspectives.

shapesAnd then I put in the details, turning the basic shapes into my characters. I also began thinking about the environment.

I had already decided on a simple dry savannah setting as this could not distract from the characters too much. To make thing interesting while keeping it minimalistic I layered the environment a bit.

With the composition decided, colours were blocked in. these were pulled directly from my Painted Character Sheets.

colourI am a bit concerned that Motoya’s head is lost in front of Dags’ hand, but hopefully when its all painted this should not be an issue. Now all that need done is to paint it.

Promo Art Thumbnails

I did some quick thumbnails to test out ideas for my Promotional Art’s composition. I wasn’t sure how much combat had to be shown so I looked both at pre-combat face-offs and aggressive attacks.scansI think the most dynamic are 1, 2 and 5. Each has a lot of movement and aggression within it and clearly demonstrated the clash between the characters. My favourite of these three is 1 however and I believe I will be developing this composition further unless Ryan has disagreements.

For the environment in each I kept it vary basic as the brief asks for. I imagine them battling in Motoya’s home land. Though I have not thought much about it, this land would be a dry savannah similar to the Serengeti in the dry season. I want to keep it very simple and similar to Ashley Wood’s style of sepia tones and rough silhouettes.

Pose Sheets

That’s the pose sheets completed now, although they are a bit Frankenstein in places to save time.

Antag 4 pose

I’m very pleased with the dynamic pose of Dags charging. The perspective is a little off on one of the feet, but with details approaching I’m more concerned with finishing the Promo Art than fixing that just now. It is not to noticeable anyway, attention is drawn mostly to the top half of the character and away from the feet. I had more issues with perspective on the crouched pose as well. I wanted the ice arm to be angling away from the viewer but the shape of the ice makes it hard to read as such.

I do feel as though I have captured Dags character and stature well however, the way he leans towards his opponent and the general aggression emanating from the poses shows that he is large, intimidating, and not to be trifled with.
Protag 4 poseOne of the issues I had with perspective in Motoya’s poses was the spear in the crouched pose, although again I don’t think it is cause for too much concern or all that noticeable. More annoying is her back leg, it was tricky to arrange with the cloth covering it. I do like the crouch pose as a whole and feel it shows a lot about Motoya as a character, stubborn and resourceful. I really like the dynamic flow in her thrusting pose also. The distribution of weight and flow in the fabric give a good sense of the speed and ferocity in the attack.  Its a shame the spear is so big, there is a fair bit more empty space in this sheet than with Dags’, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

If I get the chance I intend to come back to these and neaten up the rendering, as it is not quite to scratch with the Painted Sheet, but again deadlines are looming and the Promo Art now takes priority.

Logo Design

Whilst its not in the brief, I felt I should design a logo for the project to tie my sheets together and add a bit of polish to the project. It would also enhance the promo art I think.

Given that the characters both have strong tribal themes I thought it best to carry that them into the logo. The characters also have several runes in their designs which could resemble letters. After a few quick sketches I created this design in Illustrator.

odyssey logo


I quite like the runic quality it has to it and feel it fits with the themes I have implemented into this project. It also fits well on the sheets I have made.

Antagonist Painted Model Sheet

Character Sheet Redesign

After talking to Ryan and getting some feedback I have decided to redesign the Character Sheets. Making the characters bigger has allowed for more of their detail to be seen and generally makes the sheets easier to read. Although I lose one of the side views I don’t think this hinders the sheets too much as you can still see the shape of the character from the side and also how they hold themselves.
Antag painted

I also added more tonal variation to Motoya’s robes and it really helps to keep the eye on her upper half where all the details are.Protag paintedThe Line Sheets and Visual Interest Sheets have been redesigned to match this new layout.

Character Pose Sketches

With the Painted Character Sheets completely and the design of each character now designed and rendered fully I set about sketching ideas for my Character Pose Sheets. From the design of each character I felt I already had a good idea of how they would move and interact with the world.


Although tall, the Protagonist is very lithe and I imagine would be very agile, favouring quick movements and avoiding opponents. I took a lot of inspiration for the fight scenes in 300, and also the duel between Prince Obyron and The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

Protag moodboard

I wanted the poses to be striking and dynamic, but also easy to read. For the most part this meant avoiding awkward angles and sticking to front or side. I kept the sketches quite loose and quick, not worrying about fine details in anatomy at this point and instead focusing on the shape and flow of the poses.Protag pose sketches 1 Protag pose sketches 2

I think from these the Block pose and either the Throw or Thrust pose convey her character best. I like the Throw pose, but I’m not so sure the spear she wields is the kind you throw. The Thrust pose on the other hand needs a lot of refining with how the body twists.


The Antagonist is large and brutish. He would be slow and need to gain momentum, but once he does he hits like a truck. For inspiration I looked a lot at the various iterations of the Hulk, as well as other brutish creatures.Antag moodboard

Again I kept the sketches very loose and dynamic, trying to fill the movements with character rather than accuracy.Antag pose sketches 1 Antag pose sketches 2

For the Antagonist I really like the Crouch pose (not Crouch 2) and the Jump/Smash pose as I believe these poses convey his aggressive nature. As with the Protagonist however they do need refined.

Protagonist Painted Sheet

Protag painted

Finished the Protagonist (named Motoya Zua) now as well. I am much happier with this colour scheme than I was with the one before. The stripes help to add some visual interest without being too distracting. Ashley Wood’s use of colour is again present with the bright red of her scarf and face paint.

I think the gradient is a bit lost in her robes and they might need a bit more tonal variation, but I am going to leave it a bit to clear my head and then come back to it.

I struggled a bit more with the pull outs with this character since I didnt really have her story as refined in my head but I think its fine.

Protagonist Redesign

I fully rendered Protagonist and decided I didnt like the colour scheme all to much. The main issue was the largest bit of cloth wrapped around the body, so I did a couple of alterations.comparison

I think the far right works best. The faded red fits with the rest of the colour scheme best and the pattern (inspired by Masai clothing) adds some nice visual interest. However as some peers pointed out it is very Scottish and tartan. So I looked some more at Masai clothing and realised they use more stripes than checks, so more variations ensued.comparison 2I still like the left but it is too Scottish so I’ll be using the middle one, peers agree that design is better as the right hand one seems too stretched. The angle of the stripes will need to be altered though as I work out how the fabric wraps around.

Antagonist Painted Sheet

Antag painted

So I fell a bit behind but I think I’m still ok. I have now finished the Painted Character Sheet for my Antagonist (now named Dags Tormur), complete with pull outs and descriptions. I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially in terms of emulating Ashley Wood’s use of colour. The bold colours of the ice block and face mask immediately stand out from the rest of the character and make the character very dynamic. I feel I have managed to maintain the gradient up the character as well and ensure focus is placed on his upper body and head.