Character Pose Sketches

With the Painted Character Sheets completely and the design of each character now designed and rendered fully I set about sketching ideas for my Character Pose Sheets. From the design of each character I felt I already had a good idea of how they would move and interact with the world.


Although tall, the Protagonist is very lithe and I imagine would be very agile, favouring quick movements and avoiding opponents. I took a lot of inspiration for the fight scenes in 300, and also the duel between Prince Obyron and The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

Protag moodboard

I wanted the poses to be striking and dynamic, but also easy to read. For the most part this meant avoiding awkward angles and sticking to front or side. I kept the sketches quite loose and quick, not worrying about fine details in anatomy at this point and instead focusing on the shape and flow of the poses.Protag pose sketches 1 Protag pose sketches 2

I think from these the Block pose and either the Throw or Thrust pose convey her character best. I like the Throw pose, but I’m not so sure the spear she wields is the kind you throw. The Thrust pose on the other hand needs a lot of refining with how the body twists.


The Antagonist is large and brutish. He would be slow and need to gain momentum, but once he does he hits like a truck. For inspiration I looked a lot at the various iterations of the Hulk, as well as other brutish creatures.Antag moodboard

Again I kept the sketches very loose and dynamic, trying to fill the movements with character rather than accuracy.Antag pose sketches 1 Antag pose sketches 2

For the Antagonist I really like the Crouch pose (not Crouch 2) and the Jump/Smash pose as I believe these poses convey his aggressive nature. As with the Protagonist however they do need refined.


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