Pose Sheets

That’s the pose sheets completed now, although they are a bit Frankenstein in places to save time.

Antag 4 pose

I’m very pleased with the dynamic pose of Dags charging. The perspective is a little off on one of the feet, but with details approaching I’m more concerned with finishing the Promo Art than fixing that just now. It is not to noticeable anyway, attention is drawn mostly to the top half of the character and away from the feet. I had more issues with perspective on the crouched pose as well. I wanted the ice arm to be angling away from the viewer but the shape of the ice makes it hard to read as such.

I do feel as though I have captured Dags character and stature well however, the way he leans towards his opponent and the general aggression emanating from the poses shows that he is large, intimidating, and not to be trifled with.
Protag 4 poseOne of the issues I had with perspective in Motoya’s poses was the spear in the crouched pose, although again I don’t think it is cause for too much concern or all that noticeable. More annoying is her back leg, it was tricky to arrange with the cloth covering it. I do like the crouch pose as a whole and feel it shows a lot about Motoya as a character, stubborn and resourceful. I really like the dynamic flow in her thrusting pose also. The distribution of weight and flow in the fabric give a good sense of the speed and ferocity in the attack.  Its a shame the spear is so big, there is a fair bit more empty space in this sheet than with Dags’, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

If I get the chance I intend to come back to these and neaten up the rendering, as it is not quite to scratch with the Painted Sheet, but again deadlines are looming and the Promo Art now takes priority.


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