Promo Art Thumbnails

I did some quick thumbnails to test out ideas for my Promotional Art’s composition. I wasn’t sure how much combat had to be shown so I looked both at pre-combat face-offs and aggressive attacks.scansI think the most dynamic are 1, 2 and 5. Each has a lot of movement and aggression within it and clearly demonstrated the clash between the characters. My favourite of these three is 1 however and I believe I will be developing this composition further unless Ryan has disagreements.

For the environment in each I kept it vary basic as the brief asks for. I imagine them battling in Motoya’s home land. Though I have not thought much about it, this land would be a dry savannah similar to the Serengeti in the dry season. I want to keep it very simple and similar to Ashley Wood’s style of sepia tones and rough silhouettes.


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