Promotional Art Progression

In the end I decided to develop thumbnail number 1 into my Promotional Art piece. I felt it was the most dynamic of all the ideas and showed each character the best, and many peers agreed.

From the thumbnail I created some reference images using myself to help understand the poses better.

This helped out a lot when it came to sketching and working out perspectives. From this I created the basic body shapes of the characters and warped them into the correct angles and perspectives.

shapesAnd then I put in the details, turning the basic shapes into my characters. I also began thinking about the environment.

I had already decided on a simple dry savannah setting as this could not distract from the characters too much. To make thing interesting while keeping it minimalistic I layered the environment a bit.

With the composition decided, colours were blocked in. these were pulled directly from my Painted Character Sheets.

colourI am a bit concerned that Motoya’s head is lost in front of Dags’ hand, but hopefully when its all painted this should not be an issue. Now all that need done is to paint it.


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