Promo Art Finished!

Promotional Art

So I think that’s me finished this piece! I’ve put it to my peers for review and we’ll see what they say but I can’t see much issue. I’m really happy with  how this has turned out. The conflict between the two characters is clearly evident and , in my opinion, it is easy to see that Motoya is the protagonist. Having her between Dags and the viewer makes it look like she is defending them and shows she is on our side. Dags’ looming figure strikes and intimidating pose too.

Having the spear head and ice fist so close makes the image a bit heavy on that side but I don’t think it pulls too much attention away from the characters.

I added a faint dust cloud to add atmosphere and help show the dryness of the environment without making it too busy, also placing it between them helps to separate Motoya’s head from Dags’ fist.

Hopefully this will be my last blog post, unless someone points out a catastrophic error I somehow cannot notice.


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