Semester 2 Starts Here!

Last semester I worked on a character design brief and it taught me a lot, both in terms of new skills and skill I need to work on. Whilst my knowledge in anatomy and rendering did indeed develop I think it still has a long way to go. Particularly, I think that I can improve on drawing faces, especially ones which display emotions.

Furthermore, as Ryan pointed out, my tone and shading needs a lot of work. I tend to do little other than increase the lightness or darkness of the base colour and shy away from anything more daring and bold.

With that in mind, I propose a digital portrait series exploring tone/colour and emotion. I would begin with simple black and white portraits to improve my anatomy and understanding of faces. Then I would chose a selection of these to develop further and experiment with various uses and applications of colour.

I think this will definitely improve my my art work across the board. In character design my faces have always been quite plain and dull which I feel takes away from the design, so to study faces and emotion will definitely help. Furthermore, I am hoping that by exploring colour I can finally escape from the self doubt I often feel, spawned from my mild colour blindness (which I will admit I often use as a crutch).

So, to reiterate, my proposed plan for Semester 2 is:

A digital portrait series exploring tone, colour, and emotion.


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