The Brief, v0.1

I still need to get the go ahead on my brief but I have refined my initial ideas down into something much more succinct and easy to set goals for. The brief statement is as follows:

Produce a series of portraits which explore themes of expressionism. Characters should show design influences from a specific military era.

In following this brief I will seek to increase my understanding of facial anatomy. Another primary goal will be using expressionism to explore how I can use colour and form in my imagery to create striking and dynamic pieces of work. I will also be looking at increasing my rendering skills to further this effect.

I decided to add the smaller specification of military era influences in order to keep the portraits similarly themed and connected to one and other, making the final submission more cohesive.

My proposed submissions for this brief are 3 portraits:

  • One line work portrait,
  • One monotone shaded portrait,
  • One Expressionistic portrait.

However if this is not sufficient the plan is to change it to 3 Expressionistic portraits.


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