Week 3’s Portrait Sketches

Here are the collected pages of my sketches from this week.

scan 2


I began my sketches in the technique I have always used, underlying framework with reinforced line work on top. However, as Ryan quickly noticed, this was proving ineffectual and I was spending more time fiddling with details than studying and understanding the face. Instead he introduced me to a much more useful method, looking at the shape of areas of tone rather than of assets of the face. As you can see the quality immediately improved, as well as the speed. The resulting sketches took less than half the time of the the line-work ones and I believe look much better.

scan 3scan 1



My only issue with this method is that it doesn’t teach me the structure of the face as precisely as I would like. Its very much a “Does this shade go here? No. Why is it wrong?” rather than a “This goes here because…” learning curve. It is certainly good for sketching existing faces, but at this point I am not sure it would do me much good in creating my own. Combined with further reading and practice I believe it will however.At least for now it is giving me a massive cconfidence boost.



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