Photostudy 1

Louise 2

This is the first photostudy. I’m quite pleased with how this one came out, it certainly looks like Louise, but there are some flaws.

Louise 2

Ignoring the lack of detail in the hand/fingers, everything between the brow and bottom of the glass is too high up. Further more the soft curves of her cheeks are rendered square in my portrait (something I never noticed until I had finished). The shading on her eyes is also off, with her eyes too bright and the shadows too dark and small. Her hair is also lacking volume.

Despite these issues I am still pleased with this first attempt. The hairline (which I often find difficult) is quite spot on, the the expression is pretty close (but for a slight fault in the eyes). After working through the other photos I intend to go through a second time and I look forward to drawing comparisons between this and that.

[[One final not is that the portrait is quite muddy, but thats because I was lazy and used a basic squashed round brush.]]


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