Week 4’s Portrait Sketches

This weeks sketchbook dump coming right up!

scan 1

I didnt get as much life/live drawing done this week as I would have liked and definitely need to improve on this. Drawing from photos is fine but seeing the head in 3d helps so much in recognising and avoiding flaws. I have been using photos of faces I am familiar with in an attempt to counteract this, to varying degrees of success.

scan 2


I realise I am still struggling a bit with faces, especially when awkward angles or strong expression are present. It seems I get worse the longer I consistently draw too, 3 portraits with 15 minute breaks between end up much better than 3 drawn right after each other. However this is merely down to my concentration and not something any technique or tutorial can magically solve.scan 3

Whilst this new method of drawing technique is certainly improving my speed and skills, I really must begin looking at tutorials and methods employed by other artists if I want to seriously improve. At this point it is 50/50 if the portrait ends up looking good at the end, and I need to study and understand the face in order to rise above this.


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