Some Custom Brushes

Whilst I have been looking at existing custom brushes to use in photoshop, I have also been creating my own. I want to add texture and a painterly look to my paintings. To this end I looked at how actual brushes interact with paint and the shapes they make.

Brushes 1 showcase


These are my initial attempts at brush creation. The first four are inspired by flat brushes loaded with heavy paint, and so are very blocky and solid. The first two are a bit too flat and dull, but prove very useful for silhouetting and thumbnails. Brushes 3 and 4 offer more texture, with 3 being smooth and imitating a lot of wet paint and 4 being much dryer and rougher.

Next I looked at creating some rounder, more bristly brushes. 5 is just a basic photoshop scatter brush with some shape dynamics, but as can be seen it is quite blurry at larger sizes. Thus I made my own scatter pattern and mucked around with this instead. These are bit too pointy/scratchy at larger sizes bust are nice below 100px. 7 in particular is quite nice for breaking up lines between colours.

The last 3 brushes combine the textures of the first few with the bristles of the others. I am really pleased with the textures of these and they will definitely prove useful. Unfortunately, since they make use of textures, duel brushes, and complicated stamps it gets very laggy at large sizes.

I have a few brushes made by other people that I want to try out and see how they work, which should be fun. Ryan also suggested looking at using overly textures of painted canvases which sounds fun, but I need to buy supplies


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