Colour Studies

Continuing my exploration of colour and tone, I have discovered that a key area in which I struggle is reading colour on a subject and matching it. Thus I have been exploring a variety of exercises in order to try and improve this. The first of which involved me trying to pick the colours for myself, then using the colour picker to get the actual colour, and comparing the two.

Julia 1 Louise 1 Tone 1

As the results show I don’t seem to have difficulty with getting the values right, the brightness is usually matched well. Hue (which I referred to as Tone in the images by mistake) also can be close to the original, or at least within the same range and so not too noticeable a change.

Saturation, however, seems to be my greatest downfall. More often than not it seems I go in the opposite direction, pulling colour and life out of the painting by using saturation levels which are too low. I tried to rectify this in the last study, picking what I though was the right colour and then adding more saturation. I added too much saturation and made the colours pop too much. This is error can have its advantages in adding a stylised look to a painting, but it should not be aimed for yet.

I plan to do more of these studies to see if I can improve on my shortcomings over time, and then hopefully start experimenting with altering the colours in an imaginative fashion.


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