An inspiration

So I may be getting ahead of myself here but I had an inspiration for later in the project, for when I truly begin experimenting with Expressionism, colour, and shapes. I had been worrying a lot about how I would study the techniques and ideas behind it, and then replicate it my own work. It’s easy enough to see how a finished piece looks, but it is much harder to then apply that look.

And then, browsing the internet as I am want to do, inspiration struck: SPACE (the final frontier). Nebulae are full of spectacular colours, shapes, and ideas. I believe using them as inspiration will be key to developing a style into my more advanced works later on.Moodboard 1 Moodboard 2 Moodboard 3For the moment I will continue to focus on improving my understandings of anatomy and more realistic colours, but I will be studying the form and colour present within nebulae on the side in preparation. I will also be looking into brushes inspired by the form and textures found in nebulae.



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