Photostudy 5

Julia 6

Now in Technicolor! I spent much longer than I intended on this and it slowed production down a lot. I intend to alter my schedule to include only 1 (maybe 2) coloured portraits a week.

Julia 1

There are a couple of issues with the portrait. First and foremost is the shape of the head, which is elongated and much pointer than the subject. I used a grid with much larger squared for this piece and I feel this effected me a bit. I shouldn’t use the grid as such a crutch but it is certainly a useful learning tool, and I need to pace myself with it accordingly.

I am happy with the colouring in this piece. Its not spot on but it does fit with the piece and breaths life into the face. The portrait was actually quite desaturated for a long time, but after leaving it and coming back I noticed this, and was able to fix things quite quickly using a colour layer above everything.

One thing I am not sure about is the brush work. I usually quite like rough brush strokes, and they do work well in black & white, but here has made the skin look a bit unhealthy. I have several options here: I can work on improving the smoothness of my brushwork and filtering out the obvious strokes; or I can work towards incorporating into a style; or I can combine the previous two options and reduce the definition of the strokes but keep them present in the painting. I think I will go with this final option and work on creating/finding/implementing some softer brushes. Stay tuned for more on that.

A WIP of this piece can be found on my Behance:


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