Week 5’s Portrait Sketches

A bit late with this sketchbook dump but here it is!

scan 1

I continued looking into different expressions this week, although not as much as I would have hoped for. I feel I have improved greatly in understanding the stucture of the face and how it contorts, but there at still some issues to address. At the forefront is the issue I previously mentioned about the skull under the face, and how I often squash or stretch it which in turn squashes/stretches the face.scan 2I also spent some time testing my memory this week. This involved sketching people with little more that a few glaces for reference, and trying to remember what I have learned about the structure of the face when determining how shadows would fall. I also had a few attempts at creating faces from my imagination, to varying degrees of success. I think for the next few weeks I will put this on the backburner and focus on studying expressions and the skull, but I will pick it up again.

Also, have some doodles from the class debate:

scan 3



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