Week 6’s Portrait Sketches

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Week 6’s sketchbook consists of mostly skulls, and also some quick studies. I know I said I would put them on hold but I was in the mood for them so…

The skull studies are certainly helping. I keep having to remind myself that the skull is almost as deep as it is tall and that the chin curves back a bit towards the bottom, but I am reminding myself less and less which is a good thing. I’ve also just been doodling skulls absent mindedly in other sketch/notebooks with a deal of success, a few more weeks should hammer the proportions into me.

The timed studies were met mostly with success. Hair is still and issue that needs revolved. I will be spending next week doing longer studies focused more on hair , specifically the hair line and volume (if not the flow of strands themselves). Thus expect the faces next week to be a bit basic.


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