Photostudy 6

Gerda 7

Another photostudy complete! And I am more than a little pleased with this one. It took a little longer than the last but I think I have caught the likeness a great deal better.

I did a two things differently with this one. First off I increased the number of squares in the reference grid, which gave me more reference points and made it easier to block in the tones. It also increased my confidence such that after the initial shading was all complete I was confident enough to remove the grid, only using it again a few times to double check I was not deviating.

Secondly I used some new brushes which I feel work much better. I still used some of my blocky rectangle brushes to get the flat initial colours down, as well as in the rough shading of the background. But then I used a new brush with was similar to the streaky brushed I used in the previous painting, but much softer and so it looked less spiky/scratchy.

I chose this picture because of its visual complexity. Although much of the head is covered by the arm the lighting is quite complicated with 2 light sources of different colour. The face is lit by the warm light of candles whist the back is lit by the cold light of a tv. Thus the skin on the hand is different from the skin on the face, and the fringe hair different from the hair on the back of the head.

Gerda comp 1I almost got it right on my initial pass shown above, but I unfortunately made it too bright all over, too yellow at the front, and too grey at the back. It looks relatively fine on its own, but when compared to the reference image you can see a world of difference.

Gerda comp 2I am beginning to suspect that it might not be an idea to have the reference image on a saperate device/screen from the one I am painting on. I didn’t notice this strong orange in the original image until I compared them on the same screen, and when I compared them separately again the orange wasn’t quite as strong. Luckily I was again able to remedy the situation with some adjustment and colour layers.

In future I plan to have both images on the same screen. It will be a bit cluttered, but it should help with colour.

Again a WIP can be found on my Behance page:




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