Change to Brief

So I want to make some slight change to my brief. I have discussed it with Ryan and he has given me the go ahead.

The first change being made is that I am removing the military uniform theme from the portraits. I had originally included this because I felt that the project needed something to tie all the portraits together, but upon reflection I do not think this necessary anymore. I had written the brief thinking about things like character design rather than portraiture, but what this project really is is a personal improvement project more than anything else and so I think I can get away with just creating portraits rather than a collecting and unified body of works.

Secondly, I have changed the deliverables to better suit the project. Initially I was to submit a line-work portrait, a monochrome portrait, and an expressionistic portrait. Again, when writing this I was thinking too much about fields such as character design and the sheets it produces. I realise now that this project is about improving my rendering skills and how I use colour. Thus I feel that line-work is not really as important anymore and I have changed it to a coloured portrait (not expressionistic, just realistic colours). This way, all three of my submissions will display my improvements with colour and rendering.

So to reiterate, I will be submitting: a monochrome portrait; a coloured portrait; and an expressionistic portrait.

I feel I should also mention that this project will be a lot more practice based than researched based. I will be looking for inspiration (when it comes to the expressionistic part especially) but for the most part I think I will better learn from this project by continually practicing and churning out work.


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