Week 7’s portrait sketches

I made a bit of a course correction this week i my sketchbook. I am getting more confidant with the shape of heads I draw thanks to my skull studies, but I have still been having some issues with aligning features of faces (especially when the face is at an angle or from imagination). Thus I took a step away from my tonal studies and back to linework and symbols.

This wasn’t as an exercise in developing my rendering skills, but as a way of improving my perception of faces. I was not so much focused on creating entirely photo-realistic sketches here, but instead making sure the symbols have the correct positioning on the face.

scan 1 scan 4

I had been developing a new technique here which is quite minimal and allows for a bit of freedom in creating the face. What I usually do is use a circle as a base, sketch the shape of the whole head on top of that, then fill in the features. But what I found with this was that I was then restricted with the bounds of the head, and one slight error in placement could effect the whole face drastically.

This time I instead I would draw the base circle, then a cross for the representing the level of the eyes and the vertical middle of the face. From here I began filling in the features of the face, and then drew the head around that. I found this much easier and less restrictive, although it is easier to stretch the face by accident.

I plan to combine this with my tonal style from now on.

scan 3 scan 2

I also did some quick tonal sketches as usual, as well as trying a more precise technique (I didn’t like it).


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