Photostudy 8

Tone 12

Photostudy number 8 is complete and oh boy am I a happy man! I was much more relaxed with this piece and gave myself more freedom and the result can be clearly seen. The piece is full of life and character.

I decided to be much more artistic and painterly with this piece, and so used the photo-reference as a general guide rather than a target goal. I was much looser with my brush work and you can see some nice strokes throughout the piece which construct the subject just as well as any soft airbrush would. This is especially present in the hair, where I took the general gist and look of it and painted based on that, rather than ardently copy each exact strand of hair.

I also had some fun with the colours in this piece. This is especially noticeable in the purple tones found throughout the face. These purples came about because they were present in the deeper shadows of the reference photo, and so I pulled them out into some of the other tones as well whilst painting. I then added some more shading and highlights using purple ‘glazes’ (layers set to Darken, Lighten, and Multiply) to really unify the tones across the face and hair. I also made the jumper more red-purple than the red-orange it originally was.

To counteract the warmth these purples added to the the image I made the background out of cool greens and blues. I then tied these to the colour of the Iris and this really helps make the eye pop out and draw the eye. It is filled with life from the over-saturation. These cool colours interact greatly with the warmth of the face and balance out the image.

There are still some issues with the piece. Something is up with the nose, although I cant for the life of me figure out what. I think it might be the harder shadows around the nostrils but I’m not sure. Also the lips are a bit too neat and clean cut compared to the rest of the image and stand out a bit. These areas also lack some of the purple tones found across the image and favor the red-orange tones which  might be the issue.

Regardless I think the image is still my best yet and if I can continue on this path I should be in good stead for some great submissions.

As always, a WiP can be found on my Behance page. I also create a progress gif, although the quality is a bit low in places.



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