Artist Review: Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith (who also goes by the online handle Mucksnipe) is another artist who I have found inspirational to this project. Though not as bold and direct as Veronique Meignaud, to create dynamic portraiture. His subjects are often very cool, with only a couple of warm colours upon them, and he prefers to use pastel colours compared to the vibrancy seen in Meignaud’s work.

What really stands out to me though is his brush work. He uses strong strokes and thick paint to give his portraits a tantalizing texture. This texture is what holds the attraction of these portraits I believe. For me certainly, it makes me want to reach out and touch with canvas. Whilst the colours give the subject their character, the brushwork gives the painting itself life.

Whilst his colours might be too pastel and messy for my liking, I will be using Aaron Smith’s work as inspiration towards my texture techniques and brushwork in future.


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