Artist Review: CATF


I don’t have a proper name for this artists, but I found their work here while searching for artists who make use of bold colour and shape. I am in love with their work, it blends what I like best about Veronique Meignaud and Aaron Smith into works full of life and movement and character.

The artist is not worried as much about colour or realism as many artists and instead transform the subject into a whirlwind of movement. There is almost a music to the pieces and they suck viewers wholly into the events they portray.

I would love to replicate some of the techniques and applications seen in this artists work, but I have often found in difficult to replicate such rough brush-work digitally. Getting digital paint to react to what is already on the canvas very tricky and usually can only be done is slight mixing around edges, you cant get the streaky effect or on-canvas-mixing. I am going to use this as an opportunity to have another go at trying to make it work though and see what happens, if anything it will be a nice break from portrait studies.


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