Artist Review: Mike Savlen

Mike SavlenMike Savlen is a great example of using a limited palette of surreal and contrasting colours to create harmonious paintings. Favouring bright ochres and blues, I believe it is the way Savlen chooses his in-between colours that gives his imagery dynamic balance.

Whilst it would be conventional to travel from ochre to blue via green, Savlen instead takes the long way around the colour wheel and goes through red and purple. This grants him access to a wider range of colours and thus softens the transition between the two (very strong colours). There are some greens present in the paintings, but these are more to highlight the blues than to transition between colours.

This unusual colour application could prove very useful when it comes to create harmony in my own works. Granted, I might want to create violent clashes of colour to reflect character, but I will be keeping this thought-process in mind.


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