Artist Review: Veronique Meignaud

Veronque Meignaud

Veronique Meignaud was one of the artists that sparked this project into being and really motivated me to improve myself. Introduced to her work through her portrait series in Dishonored. She uses as tempest of lines and shapes to fill her pieces with a storm of energy. However I think what really pours life and personality into the paintings is her use of colour.

Pouring a spectrum of both warm and cool colours into paintings, she creates a clash of emotion that is somehow also balanced out. These colours and shapes reflect and build upon the personality of the subject and give a viewers a profound idea of what they might be like. This is especially prevalent in her work for Dishonored, and I intend to preform some more precise studies relating her portrait techniques to the subject character.

I admit I struggle to properly describe Veronique Meignaud’s work an its effect on me with words. But it has changed my view on colour and composition and I will be keeping her work close at hand for visual inspiration.


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