Some Experimental Stuff with Abstracts

As I mentioned when looking at Hadi Baghlaf’s work, much of his abstract work has the suggestion of characters and subjects waiting to be pulled out of them. I wasn’t entirely sure how this contributed to my portrait work to begin with, but it did open me to a different view on colour and brushstroke and abstract form.

abstract 1 abstract 2 abstract 3 abstract 4 abstract 5

Rather than create my own abstracts I looked at some of Baghlaf’s. My reason for this is because if I made my own for this task then I would likely end up unintentionally create intentional forms upon which to develop subjects. using another persons work means I go into the process with a clean mind. Obviously I cant do anything with these works since they are Baghlaf’s work and that would be plagiarism, but as I said this was a simple experiment into what I could do with my own backgrounds, colours and forms. I learnt a lot about how I can loosen up and vary my colour palette, or get messier with brush and form, and still have a subject within the painting. Obviously Baghlaf’s work is too abstract to draw conclusive form from, but I’m a big believer in using extremes as learning examples and then toning back when incorporating it.


(Just to reiterate: None of the paintings are mine. They belong to Hadi Baghlaf. I merely used them as a learning experiment and sketched over them.)


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