Preparing for Photostudy 10

So I am going to attempt something new with Photostudy 10 (subject: Karolina) in that it wont be a direct painting of a photo as such. Rather, with the composition I have in mind I am going to need to draw on multiple references to then recreate her in a singular pose.

This is a bold move and will take more time and effort to get right, but I feel confidant in my abilities. I am also very set on this composition as I believe it supports Karolina’s personality very well. To give an idea of what I am aiming for I made some quick sketches (yes they are quite cartoony and not at all realistic, but I just wanted quick things to get the idea down).

karolina compositionI want to convey her stubborn, unyielding resolve, but not necessarily as a bad thing. Thus the portrait will be a bit more pulled back than usual, so as to so her standing rooted and powerful. Her body will so her her stubborn loyalty, whereas her face will show her friendliness (and a little bit of her sarcasm) with her characteristic smirk and raised eyebrow.

I plan to begin collecting references and getting the sketch down tomorrow, then I can begin the underpainting. There will be a lot of prep needed for this piece.


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